With our support, our mentoring doulas offer a complete birth doula packages

Doulas in Training

We are proud to offer a trained doulas program in Homegrown Babies. The program assists new doulas in attending births as they work towards their certification. Each doula has gone through an extensive professional DONA International doula training led by Chama Woydak. With our experienced and continued support, our mentoring doulas offer a complete birth doula package at a reduced rate! Please contact them directly to inquire about availability and to set up an interview. Additional Homegrown Babies services are available at our special bundled package rates to all clients choosing to work with our trained doulas.

Patty Cormier

Patti moved to Asheville from rural Pennsylvania after two of her three daughters left for college. She had worked in a small hospital as a postpartum nurse while in Pennsylvania and went on to receive a degree in Psychology. She has always enjoyed caring for others and has attended the labor and births of her daughters and their friends. She is now fulfilling a desire to complete her DONA doula training after she just assisted friends during labor and the birth of their beautiful daughter. Patti would like to provide support to Mom and family as they go through this special event in their life. Through the emotional process of labor and birth, Patti knows memories will be made and she will help document these special moments. She brings a belief that each birth is unique and will provide physical and emotional support in empowering Mom to achieve her desired birth experience.

Wakina Norris

Wakina Norris was inspired to become a birth doula after attending and assisting in the births of her own five grandchildren. Wakina cares for the people of her community and their well being. She embraces the gift of life for the parents and their babies as they journey into this new world.

Izzy Jenkins

Having an extensive background in contemporary dance and body therapies, Isabel brings a unique and intuitive understanding of the human form into her work as a birth doula. In her academic pursuits, Isabel was drawn to anthropology and women’s studies, captivated by the cultural significance of female wisdom within different communities around the world. She found herself drawn towards a career in midwifery, and pursued doula training to better familiarize herself with the birthing environment. Her passion is in women’s health education, and she is driven to make full-spectrum, women’s healthcare, more accessible. Currently she is studying Ayurveda and pursuing her advanced yoga teacher certification, focusing on the applications to prenatal and women’s health. In addition to working as a birth doula, Isabel teaches weekly yoga classes at Asheville Yoga center. When she’s not working, Isabel loves learning about macrobiotic foods and wandering through the majestic Appalachia with her dog Juju Bean.

Nikita Smart

Nikita was inspired to become a birth doula through the work that she was already doing in the community in the efforts of eliminating disparities. Nikita also became a Breastfeeding Peer Counselor in an attempt to encourage breastfeeding in her communities. Nikita is a single parent and has lived in the Asheville area since 2009. She is thrilled to support women and families through the journey of pregnancy and birth!

Ginny Parham

After living with a midwife in Spain, Ginny became inspired to assist women and their families during pregnancy and childbirth. At the beginning of 2016 she became a Matrona Certified Holistic Doula and is now working towards her DONA Birth Doula Certification. Ginny believes that her dual training complements each other, providing her with both the practical knowledge and spiritual understanding of the transformative process of birth. Ginny is also working towards becoming a Lamaze Childbirth Educator with the hopes of guiding couples to strength and empowerment through education. In addition to caring and advocating for mommas and babies, Ginny enjoys her hobbies as a budding herbalist, amateur mountain biker, and wannabe chef.

Chelsea Gomes

Birth is a transformational journey. Chelsea supports the choices of the birthing family using her array of knowledge, skills, and wisdom. Born and raised by sea of the Pacific Coast; from the beginning, she has been connected to nature and throughout her life remains a deeply caring individual. She has worked in the health and wellness field for past seventeen years, gathering a multitude of tools to use for the betterment of others. Her formal studies began studying early childhood education, taking care of young children in a myriad of ways. Touched by tending to the roots of all life, she moved to Asheville in 2004 to passionately pursue the study of herbal medicine. As a certified herbalist she then chose to expand her tapestry of offerings. Chelsea completed a 240 hour teacher training course while specializing in therapeutics for prenatal, postpartum and children’s yoga. In awe of the the childbearing years, she became a Matrona certified holistic doula in 2006. Integrating bodywork was a natural evolution for her practice. Chelsea attained her massage license in 2014. It is a joy as a practitioner for her to offer prenatal massage. She is now working with Homegrown Babies to be involved with a greater birthing community. Chelsea is grateful to be able to support families in the sacred journey of birth.

Cindy Smart

Cindy was inspired to become a doula when she found that she could support women by encouraging through birth. The birthing process is not always about the pain but the loving, sweet child ready to enter the world. Being a mother of 4 she understands the needs and barriers that may arise during pregnancy. She is very compassionate, loving and open to please you in anyway that will help you to have the most awesome birthing experience.

Clare Duplace

Clare has lived in the Asheville area for 16 years. She graduated from Warren Wilson College with a degree in Elementary Education and was a lead teacher at The Learning Community School for the past ten years. She has studied and been certified in herbalism, flower essences and reiki. Clare has been inspired by birth work ever since middle school when she first picked up a copy of Ina May Gaskin’s book, Spiritual Midwifery. Her journey into birth work began six years ago, supporting and attending a friend’s birth. With time to now fully pursue her passions of flower essences, supporting women and doula work, she is honored to be a part of, support and attend births as a trained and mentoring doula. This work brings great joy to Clare’s heart and she is committed to providing any and all support needed for the journey of pregnancy and birth.

Joann Johnson

Joann is an empathetic, strong and nurturing doula, mother, and friend. She gave birth with the assistance of an amazing doula to her son two years ago and went through the adoption process here in Asheville. From her own experience, Joann realized how important the role of professional labor support was to birthing mothers. Due to Joann’s journey, her primary focus as a birth doula is to support women going through the adoption process, trauma, and single motherhood. When she is not providing doula services Joann is currently in school studying political science, film photography and works as a professional nanny. Joann has a passion for social justice not only within the adoption community but also pertaining to black lives and education.

Heather Daniels

Heather is loving, inclusive, and passionate in all aspects of her life, and is on her way toward becoming a certified doula. Heather is training with both DONA and Doula Trainings International. Heather has a B.A. in sociology and public health. Heather worked as a student nurse in a labor and delivery unit, but realized her true calling was the nurturing and relationship-driven birth experience shared between the caregiver and the patient. Heather took this opportunity to pursue her calling of becoming a doula. Heather worked as a pediatric CNA for over seven years, caring one-on-one for clients and their families. She is also a professional nanny who works primarily with infants. Heather approaches reproductive health for all individuals from a holistic standpoint, something her diverse background provides. A doula client of Heather’s told her, “I feel as if I have known you my whole life” after the birth of her son, and this kind of connection is something she strives for with all clients. Heather’s nurturing nature creates space for both a powerful and peaceful birthing experience.

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