Capture these most precious moments forever!

These are moments you don’t want to forget!

The journey of giving birth is without a doubt one of the most intimate and transforming times in a woman’s life. Those moments are fleeting and sometimes hard to remember. Birth photography is a powerful way to remember the details of the journey and celebrate the strength and beauty it took.

As trained doulas, Destinee and Maggie are dedicated to honoring space in the birth room. We quietly take pictures as things naturally unfold and often times our clients do not even realize we have the camera out. And then in that glorious moment when your baby is finally placed into your arms, you and your partner can fully enjoy that moment with no worries about scrambling for the camera.

Birth photography is healing. No matter how your birth story unfolds, having pictures of the process and giving you a glimpse from the outside can play a huge part in empowering women. When all is said and done, it’s the tiny moments that leave lasting impressions on our hearts. The way your partner watched you sway your hips, the tender caress that got you through, the moment you saw your baby, the relief of the hard work being over, and the intoxicating smell of your newborn’s head. These are the moments you don’t want to forget. We are excited and honored to tell and retell these stories through birth photography.

Maternity, newborn, and family sessions are also available upon request.

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