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homegrown-homegrown-0077Pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and new parenthood are some of the most intense and powerful experiences of our lives. While often filled with beauty, wonder, and joy, this time of life can also cause challenges for new moms and dads as they reconcile the major changes in their relationships, personal identities, and day­to­day lives. Homegrown Babies offers a wonderful array of classes to inform and prepare new parents for these momentous changes, yet there are times when deeper, more personal support is necessary.

For mothers who are facing big issues in pregnancy, such as recovery from past abuse, body image issues, depression, anxiety, and fears about birth ­ personal counseling can be a transformative tool that helps you regain the full joy and excitement of pregnancy.

Therapeutic support can also ease emotional pain that sometimes results from unexpected birth outcomes, breastfeeding difficulties, and postpartum mood issues ­ providing much needed social support to process and heal. New fathers can also find themselves struggling with integrating their new role as “Dad” and can strongly benefit from counseling help to navigate this new territory with strength and love. Together, new parents may seek couples counseling preventively to be prepared for the emotional ups and downs that are natural with changes in roles, income and communication needs, all while facing at least a few sleepless nights. Once baby arrives, many couples find that a relationship “tune up” with professional counseling support can mean staying allied and in love as new parents through the difficult first years of new parenthood.

Homegrown Babies is delighted to offer professional counseling services by Justina Prenatt, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (LPCA) and National Certified Counselor (NCC).

Justina previously practiced as a direct­ entry midwife and now blends holistic mental health support with her hands ­on experience of working closely with families as a midwife. She offers a unique perspective in service and support to new parents.

Justina provides individual and couples counseling addressing all childbearing year related issues at her conveniently located office in North Asheville. Contact Justina directly for a free consultation to discuss how counseling might bring greater peace and ease to your precious days as a new family. Please call 828.407.0621 or email to get in touch. You can learn more about Justina’s work through her website at

Justina Prenatt


Justina Prenatt, MS, LPCA, NCC is a mother of three and an Asheville­ based therapist supporting Homegrown Babies families with much needed emotional support during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Prior to her work as a counselor she was a long­ time community health advocate and practiced as a direct­ entry midwife, providing holistic care and advocacy for families seeking safe, natural options for their health and wellness needs. Through individual, couples, and group counseling, workshops and classes, Justina provides lively and enriching opportunities to develop healthful lifestyle practices, improve relationships, achieve wellness during the childbearing years, and engage in supportive parenting. Learn more about Justina and the supportive services she offers here

Integrative Psychotherapy for Adolescents & Adults

I work with adolescents and adults dealing with stress/overwhelm/anxiety, self-worth and self-compassion, relationship challenges/boundaries, and life transitions (like relationship changes, job/school changes, changes in living situation, loss, births, etc).  I especially love working with folks who identify as highly empathic around embracing this gift of sensitivity and building a strong sense of self.  My background/training is in Hakomi somatic psychotherapy, neuroscience, Gestalt, solution-focused therapy, mindfulness, enneagram, dialectical behavior therapy, and expressive arts.  I am in the process of becoming a Certified Trauma Resiliency Model Practitioner, which is a somatic modality of working with stress and trauma grounded in neuroscience.  I am also a certified life coach and yoga instructor.  I see our life’s challenges as part of our path to expansion and believe that each of us already has everything we need to heal and grow.  My role is to support clients in tapping into their own knowing and capacity to live fully.

Laura Torres

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC


Price Range: $95-$115/session, Accept BCBS Insurance, Several $30-50 sliding scale slots but they are currently full.

Just For Dads

Fathering is hard work. It’s also an incredible joy. Finding the balance between the serious challenge of it all and the delight of having a child isn’t easy, but it is possible. It’s what fathering with courage is all about.

As men, we have natural and cultivated strengths that make fatherhood something of a calling ­ a natural and intuitive experience that some of us sync into easily. But it’s also full of untold surprises, new and mind­bending stresses, serious exhaustion and fatigue. And it means that our time and energy are stretched far beyond what we’re used to, and yet we’re still responsible to ourselves, our partners, our jobs, and now our child.

All fathers need and deserve support, especially new dads and dads-­to­-be. As a psychologist who specializes in working with men, and a new father myself (my son Rowan was born in 2015), I’ve got your back!

The monthly Father With Courage group is open to all fathers seeking to connect and learn. It’s FREE. For details, please visit Father With Courage.

If you’re looking for individual support, you can also contact me anytime through my private practice website,

Brent Beam, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Brent’s clinical training began at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he graduated with BA degrees in Psychology and Communication Studies. Following that, he received his MA and Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Southern Illinois University, and has been licensed as a psychologist in Missouri, Michigan and North Carolina.

For the past 10 years Brent has worked with adolescents, adults, and families in a variety of settings, including wilderness therapy, university counseling centers and private practice. He specializes in working with young men ages 18-­25 who are transitioning into adulthood, and men in their 30s, 40s and 50s dealing with stress, career concerns, relationship issues, anxiety and depression. His goal is to help men navigate the challenges in their lives by honoring their strengths and inviting them to be real and open about their vulnerabilities.

Brent became a father in 2015! He lives in West Asheville with his wife and their son, Rowan.

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