Establishing Healthy Sleep Habits: Sleep Classes and Private Consultation


homegrown-postpartumNewborn Sleep Class

Awake during the night? Sleep during the day? Napping in the car or not at all? The mysteries of infant sleep. Babies sleep patterns and habits change so frequently during the first year it’s frustrating and exhausting as parents to figure out what what’s normal and what’s best. Join pediatric sleep expert, Dr. Meggan Hartman, for this one and a half hour class all about infant sleep.


The newborn sleep class is for parents with babies 0 – 12 months old and will cover:

  • Baby sleep needs 0-12 months
  • How best to help little ones establish sleep habits/patterns
  • How developmental milestones impact infant sleep development and what to do
  • SIDS guidelines and research
  • No/low cry sleep methods
  • Crying methods
  • Many sleep arrangements: co-sleeping, room-sharing, crib sleeping
  • Night feeds and sleep changes
  • Naps


Helping Toddlers Sleep

Are you craving tools to help your toddler sleep? Join Dr. Meggan Hartman, for this 75 minute class all about toddler sleep and how you can better understand how to support your child create healthy habits.


This class will cover:

  • Transition from crib to toddler bed
  • Potty training and sleeping
  • Nightmares and sleep
  • Preschool and sleep
  • New baby/sibling jealousy and sleep
  • Sleep needs of toddlers
  • Developmental milestones impact on toddler sleep
  • Moving a toddler out of the family bed


Meggan Hartman, PhD, L.E., currently works nationally as a Pediatric Sleep Consultant and conducts workshops and support groups for mothers. She earned her doctorate in Psychology from Meridian University and her Masters in Psychology from the Sophia Institute. Subsequent trainings and certifications she has received are Lactation Educator, Psychosynthesis, Dora Kalff Sand-Play Therapy, Postpartum International Support Certification, and a two year internship with Dr. Angelique Millette, PhD focusing on pediatric behavioral sleep issues and maternal well-being.

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