Supporting you emotionally, physically and educationally during your first weeks home.


Postpartum Doulas


homegrown-postpartumThe purpose of the Postpartum Doula is to mother the new mother. Her role is fluid, and will change from family to family, day to day, even hour to hour. She offers emotional, educational, and physical support for the first few weeks postpartum. As the rate of postpartum depression and anxiety is increasing in our fast­ paced world, the perspective of a doula can be invaluable in helping families identify what is normal and what is outside the realm of normalcy. Feelings of isolation can commonly arise during this precious and vulnerable time. The presence of a doula can meet this need for connection and informed care in simple and impactful ways.

It is our honor to support LGBTQ families and families of surrogacy and adoption. We work with all families and provide daytime, evening, weekend and overnight care as needed.

Postpartum support is also a fantastic product to add to your baby registry. Our doulas are available for anything from three hours to three months of time!


Our Postpartum Doulas lovingly offer:baby-wearing

  •  In-home, phone, email support and overnight care
  • ­ Breastfeeding, bottle­feeding, and pumping support
  • ­ Yoga techniques for recovery and to counteract baby holding/feeding postures
  • ­ Newborn sleep information & family sleep solutions
  • ­ Strategies & care for twins / multiples
  • ­ NICU support
  • ­ Infant care information: diapering, bathing, dressing, etc.
  • ­ Babywearing & soothing techniques
  • ­ Infant massage demonstration
  • ­ Nutritious snack and meal preparation
  • ­ A safe space to process emotions, including your birth story
  • ­ Light housekeeping (dishes & laundry)
  • ­ Infant care so parents can sleep and shower
  • ­ Nursery organization & product recommendations that can save you money
  • ­ Running errands for groceries & baby/mama supplies
  • ­ Guidance on finding a childcare provider
  • ­ Support in transitioning back to work
  • ­ Referrals to other professionals if needed
  • ­ Recommendations for child­proofing
  • ­ Tips on self-­care for mom and partner


To schedule any of these services please contact Jen Chandlee, Director of Postpartum Services and Education at

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