Compassionate overnight care for you and your newborn.

Overnight Postpartum Care


homegrown-postpartumSleep deprivation at its worst? We are happy to come into your home to meet your needs, providing compassionate overnight care to you and your newborn.

A usual shift for overnight postpartum care is 10pm-6/7am. Sleep is a crucial aspect of health and well being… especially for new parents. Overnight postpartum care encourages rest for healing and more time and energy to bond and care for your baby.

The parents give their night-time parenting duties to the doula who usually stays in the same room as the baby for the night. The doula changes the baby, holds and comforts the baby to sleep between feedings. If the mother is breastfeeding, the baby will visit to nurse every two-three hours. The doula also makes sure the nursing mom has nourishing snacks and drinks throughout the night. If the baby is taking pumped breastmilk, by bottle, then the doula may give the baby most or all of the feedings throughout the night. The mother will still need to pump milk at regular intervals throughout the night. Babies that are formula fed, can stay with the doula throughout the night for all feedings if that is the parent’s choice.


Overnight postpartum doula care can be an essential support to families, connect with one of our postpartum doulas to see how it can make a difference in the health and wellness of your family.


For more information, please contact Jen Chandlee, Director of Postpartum Services and Education at jen@homegrownbabies.com.

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