A wonderful and luxurious way to help your body adjust to the changes of pregnancy, labor & postpartum.

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To schedule sessions for any of these services, call Emily Sullivan directly at 828-337-0007 or You can also schedule online

Mama-to-be Massage


Pregnancy massage is a wonderful and luxurious way to help your body adjust to the changes of pregnancy as well as prepare for labor. The ability to allow tired muscles to release and a busy mind to turn off are helpful skills to carry into labor and parenthood.

Swedish massage, deep tissue, acupressure and reflexology techniques are used during sessions as needed. Pregnancy massage is indicated for women in their second and third trimesters.

Some women have found success in receiving a labor invitation massage, done at 40+ weeks gestation, to help your body and baby welcome the labor process.


Postpartum Massage

Postpartum massage promotes a faster recovery after birth and helps relieve over­worked muscles. After your baby is born is a wonderful time to get bodywork because there is still a high level of the pregnancy hormone relaxin in your body, which makes muscular and structural changes more possible during this time – potentially creating lasting change in your body.


In-home Postpartum Sessions

In home postpartum sessions are one of our favorite services to offer! Some families purchase a package of multiple sessions, so that the whole family can get treated ­ including partners and babies. We offer this service to support the natural need of the postpartum family to nest and nurture themselves during this time of great change and sleep deprivation. Let us come to you and transform your home into a spa!

Some women have their babies with them periodically through these sessions, and others have a friend or family member caring for their baby during the session. Either option, or a combination of the two, works for us. Basic breastfeeding information and support can be shared during these sessions if there is a need.

This is also a wonderful gift to give the postpartum family, or to add to your registry. Gift certificates are available!

Our therapist, Emily Sullivan, was trained in the Wise Woman Prenatal Massage Tradition and takes great care to deliver enjoyable and safe massage with a working knowledge of contra-­indications and the common discomforts of pregnancy. Make sure you also check out her Craniosacral Therapy services as well. Sessions can be designed that utilize both modalities. If you would like both modalities, we strongly suggest you schedule a 75 or 90 minute session.

Massage sessions are $70/hour, $85/75 minutes or $100/90 minutes. Reduced rates are available when purchased in a Homegrown Babies package. An additional travel fee of $25 applies for sessions done in home.

Emily Sullivan


As a birth doula and bodyworker Emily’s services are as unconditionally nurturing as they are informative. Her massage and craniosacral therapy practice infuses her doula services with skilled hands-on support. With six years of experience supporting women as a doula she is adept at providing unconditional care within the many expressions of birth including home and hospital births, epidurals, inductions and cesareans. She offers her clients labor progress support and optimal fetal positioning, massage, clear communication and advocacy, and a compassionate, attuned presence. She also brings an administrative background in integrative prenatal care from her days of managing a busy holistic clinic, which lends to her broad perspective and understanding of common questions, complications and concerns. To read more about her craniosacral therapy and massage services, please visit her website.


I am so, so, so blessed to have found Emily Rose! I wish I had found her earlier and had her at my birth, but I am so grateful to know her now. She has become a resource for the whole family! She has a very special way of relating to mothers. She’s so sincere and compassionate and it is clear that she is doing what she loves, with purpose and heart. She is a precious gem in our community!

– K.G.

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