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Asheville Birth Doula Care

Pregnancy is a time of profound transformation, joy, and sometimes overwhelm! As birth doulas, we’ve got your back. Want to birth at home? We are your doulas. Want to get an epidural? We are your doulas. Our focus is on your unique preferences and goals; our support is individualized, nurturing and evidence­ based.

Prenatally we’ll review your birth intentions and process your previous birth experiences, if applicable. What makes you feel calm and connected? What makes you tick? We’ll get to know one another.

When you’re in labor, we join you when you say the word. We can help create more ease in your transition to the hospital or birth center – or meet you at your place of birth. We are there for your whole family, so that means that we work closely with partners as well as laboring moms to offer continuous, hands­ on labor support. Once your baby is born, we remain by your side for one­ to three hours in the immediate postpartum and assist with establishing breastfeeding (if applicable).

We take notes during your birth so that you have a memory of this special time. We’ll process your birth experience at our postpartum follow­up visit and provide any additional newborn care and breastfeeding information you might need. We believe in the importance of choosing the right doula for you! Contact us today to set up interviews with our professional birth doulas. The initial interview is a time for you to get a feel for us. This half hour, face to face meeting is free of charge.

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