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Birth Doula Support

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Want an epidural? We are going to help you have the best epidural of your life.
Planned cesarean? We are there to guide you through the OR, creating a nourishing space to birth your baby.
Have an amazing partner?  We will support them supporting you!
Out of hospital birth? We seamlessly support you, bringing your birth intentions to light.

A birth doula may be an essential part of your journey. As birth doulas our focus is on your unique preferences and intentions; our support is individualized and nurturing. A doula provides non-judgmental, unconditional emotional, physical and evidence based informational support. We glide into your labor, sewing together your birth team while creating a comforting, supportive environment. Utilizing communication and understanding.

  • Prenatally we offer 2-3 visits to hone in on your specific desires and goals for your birth. What makes you feel calm and connected? What makes you tick? Process your previous birth experiences, if applicable. We’ll get to know one another and feel confident as a team.
  • When you’re in labor, we join you when you say the word. We can help create more ease in your transition to the hospital or birth center – or meet you at your place of birth. As we settle into your place of birth, we create the nourishing environment you envisioned…dim lighting, focal point(s)/affirmations in sight, music of your choice playing. Throughout your labor your doula will provide the utmost compassionate support to you and your chosen birth team. We pride ourselves on our professional and respectful relationships with the care providers in and around the Asheville area.
  • Once your baby is born, we remain by your side for one­ to three hours in the immediate postpartum, assisting you with breastfeeding (if applicable) and skin to skin…making sure you have all you need to rest and revel in the presence of your little one.
  • We’ll process your birth experience at our postpartum follow ­up visit and provide any additional newborn care and breastfeeding information you might need.

Seeking information on further postpartum support? Click here!

Check out the evidence for birth doula support! ­

Are you ready to hire a birth doula? Meet the doulas at our next Meet the Doula night or browse through our team page.

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