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Postpartum Sitz Bath Recipe

Here is my perfected postpartum sitz bath recipe. I like to have my clients combine the ingredients ahead of time. One less thing to think about postpartum is truly a blessing!

Even if you don’t end up with tears, the perineum will be traumatized, and these herbs will help get your lady parts back to normal. You can find these herbs easily at any health food store, or order them online. If you can’t find all of the herbs, thats OK! Just use what you can find.

Postpartum Sitz Bath Recipe

2 ounces Calendula Flower

2 ounces Comfrey Leaf

1 ounce Rosemary

1 ounce Uva Ursi

1 ounce Shepard’s Purse

1/4 Cup Sea Salt


Add mixture to approximately 2 Gallons of boiling water. Turn burner off, and steep herbs for 2+ hours covered. Strain.

Add the infusion to a shallow bath of warm water. 


Other Uses:

  • Soak pads in the infusion, wrap in aluminum foil and put in the freezer. Keep wearing the frozen pads until you no longer need them.
  • Soak washcloths in the infusion, wrap in aluminum foil and put in freezer. Pull them out and use as a cold compress anytime you are experiencing pain.
  • If you have a hospital birth, ask them for one of the plastic containers they use to catch urine in the toilet. When you get home, sit the container on top of the toilet seat. Fill it with 1 cup infusion, and fill to brim with warm water. Sit on the toilet, letting your perineum soak in the warm water.


5 Comments to “Postpartum Sitz Bath Recipe”

  1. The sitz bath concoction was amazing! Not only did it assist in healing my body, but it gave me an excuse to take 20 minutes to just sit, soak, and reflect…much needed time! Thanks Jordan!!

  2. I’m so glad you liked it!

  3. Thanks for this, I couldn’t find Shepard’s Purse at Whole Foods… but it still worked.

  4. Would this be safe for a mama with bad tearing? I would think that that much salt would be painful?

  5. Yes! It’s perfect for a mom who has experienced tears. The solution is diluted enough that there isn’t any pain from the salt.

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