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Taking a class at Homegrown Babies, compared to the one we took at our local hospital (a very qualified hospital, too), felt like the difference between a college course with an engaged and passionate professor and a high school class taught by the football coach who’d rather play movies than of teach.

Chama and Jen both taught classes that were interesting, informative, and prompted further research and learning. If I weren’t 34 weeks now, I would ditch the rest of my hospital childbirth class and register for the Homegrown Babies version, commute notwithstanding. Both my husband and I consider the classes we took with Homegrown Babies to have been an invaluable addition to the learning we’ve done before our first baby.

If you are expecting a baby, please take a class at Homegrown Babies. I felt more prepared for childbirth after a FREE hour and a half class here that I did after a paid seven hour class at my hospital.

- Taylor Hale Robert

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Chama Woydak


Chama is a fun-loving, energetic and compassionate mom who has been attending births as a Doula in Asheville since 1999 and teaching childbirth classes in since 2002. Chama is a Lamaze Childbirth Educator as well as a DONA International Birth Doula and a Birth Doula Trainer.  Her evidence-based Birth with Courage Lamaze Childbirth Classes support families in cultivating the courage it takes to be an active participant in giving birth and becoming a parent.

As a doula, Chama has a vast and experienced professional skill-set that includes excellent communication skills with families, doctors, midwives and nursing staff.  She is amazing at suggestions for labor progress, non-pharmacological labor pain coping techniques including hypnosis for birth, mental strategies, breathing strategies, massage, positioning, homeopathy and aromatherapy. She also offers labor and immediate postpartum photography, and initial breastfeeding support. Chama has been supporting and inspiring women and families for over 15 years to find what they need to feel safe and strong from pregnancy into parenthood.

Jen Chandlee

Director of Postpartum Services and Education

Jen Chandlee was inspired to become a birth, postpartum, and lactation professional in 1994 after having her first baby. Her extensive background and over 20 years of experience in the field allow her to provide women and their families a wide range of physical, emotional, and educational support offered with an open mind, loving hands, and calm presence.

She is certified through DONA and ICEA and is currently offering birth and postpartum doula services; childbirth, breastfeeding and postpartum education; and in-home breastfeeding support.

Gloria Maria Llanser

LCCE, CLD (CAPPA), Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

Childbirth is a sacred process. As a certified and deeply intuitive doula, Gloria Maria’s presence through every stage of the process provides confidence, comfort, and clarity about all aspects of bringing a new baby into the world. Together she enters into a sacred partnership with her clients and their families. By offering evidence based information about the birthing process, she helps families make educated choices that best serve their own needs, desires and beliefs.

Gloria Maria is a Lamaze certified childbirth educator, birth and postpartum doula, placenta encapsulation specialist and has additional training in maternal mental health through Postpartum Support International. She has studied with many teachers of different healing techniques such as New Paradigm Multi­Dimensional Transformation (a hands on healing system). She is a licensed Holistic Practitioner and works with flower essences, essential oils and homeopathic remedies. Her extensive and varied background allows her to provide a broad range of support offered with an open mind, loving hands and calm presence.

Kelly Brown

CD(DONA), LCCE, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator

Learning about childbirth in early childhood courses in college, Kelly saw birth as a painful and difficult experience. Through educating herself and learning her options, Kelly’s perceptions changed drastically while pregnant with her first daughter. She experienced birth as transformational. As she gained knowledge of the process and a multitude of coping techniques, a passion was unleashed to help women overcome their fears about birth and work toward the birth experience they desire. Having had both hospital and homebirths with her own children, Kelly carries the variety of those experiences with her when working with women.

A certified birth doula through DONA International and a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Kelly brings knowledge, compassion, and spirit to her clients and students.

Meggan Hartman, PhD, L.E.

Meggan Hartman, PhD, L.E., currently works nationally as a Pediatric Sleep Consultant and conducts workshops and support groups for mothers. She earned her doctorate in Psychology from Meridian University and her Masters in Psychology from the Sophia Institute. Subsequent trainings and certifications she has received are Lactation Educator, Psychosynthesis, Dora Kalff Sand-Play Therapy, Postpartum International Support Certification, and a two year internship with Dr. Angelique Millette, PhD focusing on pediatric behavioral sleep issues and maternal well-being.


Ginny Parham

After living with a midwife in Spain, Ginny became inspired to assist women and their families during pregnancy and childbirth. At the beginning of 2016 she became a Matrona Certified Holistic Doula and is now working towards her DONA Birth Doula Certification. Ginny believes that her dual training complements each other, providing her with both the practical knowledge and spiritual understanding of the transformative process of birth. Ginny is also working towards becoming a Lamaze Childbirth Educator with the hopes of guiding couples to strength and empowerment through education. In addition to caring and advocating for mommas and babies, Ginny enjoys her hobbies as a budding herbalist, amateur mountain biker, and wannabe chef.

Roxy Robbins


Roxy is thrilled to be on her path to becoming a Lamaze Childbirth Educator. She’s gained years of teaching experience as a yoga instructor in the Asheville area. Using her knowledge and tools as an experienced birth & postpartum doula to expand her horizons and grow as an adult educator seems like a natural transition. She is lucky to work with Chama Woydak and Jen Chandlee as her mentors and is looking forward to subbing childbirth and postpartum classes at Homegrown Babies in the future!

Jessica Greene


Jessica’s training and personal life experiences have equipped her to be calm under pressure, and to have a great love of each moment.  Her goal as a birth doula is to help families navigate their experience and remember that they are strong, and that they can make it through their births.  She strives to find what is soothing to everyone she works with, and to help bring those things into the birthing experience.  Jessica’s journey into doula work began over 17 years ago with the birth of her youngest brother. Being present at that moment sparked a love and a passion for supporting women throughout pregnancy, labor, birth and motherhood.  Jessica has been an active doula in the Asheville area since 2014. She brings to the table joy, confidence and peace. Pregnancy, labor and birth are beautiful. None is exactly like any other.  Jessica loves the challenge of supporting women through their own special journey.

Kelley Johnson

Kelley has been teaching sex education since 1989. She has a M.Ed. in Public Health Education and Ph.D. in Human Sexuality. She is a fierce advocate for positive sex education and hosts a podcast, Sex Positive Nation. Kelley was the lead educator for the sex education program provided by the Buncombe County Health Department from 1993 to 1998. From 1995-2010 she taught Women’s Health and Health and Sexuality at UNCA. She has been in private practice since 2009.

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