What makes Homegrown Babies so different?

We are built on our values.


Community Commitment

We believe that business should exist to serve society, and we prioritize community and social wellbeing alongside business success. In 2016 we donated over $3,000 to non-profit organizations in the perinatal health field.

Homegrown is actively involved with communities of color and economically disadvantaged families in Western North Carolina to support them in their efforts to dismantle structural racism and oppression.

Homegrown works in partnership with MAHEC and The Community Home Health Initiative to provide training and opportunities for these communities to have a voice to name their own goals and therefore gain empowerment through opportunity. This community centric work gives power back to the community and allows the members to make a difference on issues that matter to them.


Evidence that Empowers

You will find no judgements or opinions here! We give you the highest quality information and allow you the spaciousness to make the decisions that are right for you and your family.


Power of Choice

The primary pillar of our care is informed choice. We understand the power behind your ability to choose and that a fulfilling birth and postpartum time is not one absent of medical intervention but one that is based on your choices. We support you no matter how you choose to give birth or parent your children. 


Cultivating Courage

We know that birth and parenting don’t often go as “planned” and your successes in birthing and parenting are often based on the ability to adapt and cultivate the courage to do the next best thing. We meet you where you are and support you in daring greatly to be where you want to be.


Embracing Diversity

Our services our inclusive no matter a person’s race, religion, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status. We are here for everyone as a community resource whether a person chooses to take any of our classes or use our services!


We Bring the Calm

We know that pregnancy, birth and the postpartum time can bring up anxieties and fears and we’ve got your back no matter what!  We normalize what you are going through and provide hands on, empathetic, compassionate care.  

Contact us for real time support in whatever way you need!


Our History of Growing Strong Families

Homegrown Babies began in 2002 as two separate companies, Beginning with Birth and Mothering the Mama. Chama Woydak and Jordan Glover worked together to provide birth and postpartum education and doula services in Asheville. They decided to formally merge businesses in 2009 as Homegrown Babies to much success ­women and families in town dubbed them as the “Dream Team.”

In 2013 Chama expanded Homegrown Babies into a new “Dream Team” and in 2016 into their current office – The Homegrown Families Health and Education Center. Homegrown Babies and Homegrown Families encompasses a comprehensive integrative support team of over 30 birth and postpartum doulas, educators, and integrative health practitioners with lifetimes of combined experience. We come together in brilliant ways to provide the best in comprehensive and compassionate services from pregnancy to parenthood in Asheville and the surrounding area.

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