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Sacred Valley Acupuncture

Kerry Goodwin, L.Ac., MAOM

A focus on Women’s Health with a specialty in Pregnancy

Kerry is a licensed acupuncturist and certified Chinese herbalist specializing in women’s health with a focus in fertility, prenatal and postpartum care.  Additionally she has experience in treating gastrointestinal disorders, autoimmune disorders and integrates nutrition therapy into treatment regularly.  Her goal is to provide the highest level of care and compassion to her patients by creating a safe and healing environment to support each patient through their journey.

Services include:

  • Private Acupuncture Sessions
  • Community Style Acupuncture for women every Thursday

Clover Heart Concepts

Justina Prenatt, MS, LPCA, NCCjustina-prenatt

Justina Prenatt, MS, LPCA, NCC is a mother of three and an Asheville­ based therapist supporting Homegrown Babies families with much needed emotional support during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Prior to her work as a counselor she was a long­ time community health advocate and practiced as a direct­ entry midwife, providing holistic care and advocacy for families seeking safe, natural options for their health and wellness needs. Through individual, couples, and group counseling, workshops and classes, Justina provides lively and enriching opportunities to develop healthful lifestyle practices, improve relationships, achieve wellness during the childbearing years, and engage in supportive parenting. Learn more about Justina and the supportive services she offers here

Laura Torres Counseling

Laura Torres, LPC

Integrative Psychotherapy for Adolescents & Adults

I work with adolescents and adults dealing with stress/overwhelm/anxiety, self-worth and self-compassion, relationship challenges/boundaries, and life transitions (like relationship changes, job/school changes, changes in living situation, loss, births, etc).  I especially love working with folks who identify as highly empathic around embracing this gift of sensitivity and building a strong sense of self.  My background/training is in Hakomi somatic psychotherapy, neuroscience, Gestalt, solution-focused therapy, mindfulness, enneagram, dialectical behavior therapy, and expressive arts.  I am in the process of becoming a Certified Trauma Resiliency Model Practitioner, which is a somatic modality of working with stress and trauma grounded in neuroscience.  I am also a certified life coach and yoga instructor.  I see our life’s challenges as part of our path to expansion and believe that each of us already has everything we need to heal and grow.  My role is to support clients in tapping into their own knowing and capacity to live fully.

Price Range: $95-$115/session, Accept BCBS Insurance, Several $30-50 sliding scale slots but they are currently full.

Asheville Holistic Physical Therapy

Libby Hinsley

Physical Therapist, Therapeutic Yoga

Asheville Holistic Physical Therapy

Libby Hinsley, PT, E-RYT 500 has been a yoga instructor for over 10 years and a licensed Physical Therapist for the past 5 years treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions in adults. She integrates a variety of manual therapy techniques as well as yoga-based movement into an individualized treatment plan for each patient. After working in more traditional PT settings, she was thrilled to start her own practice, Yoga Rx of Asheville, Inc. two years ago in order to provide each patient with the attention and time necessary to address what are often complex concerns, in a relaxing setting that facilitates healing. As a mother of a toddler with another babe on the way, she is particularly interested in supporting mamas-to-be and postpartum mamas in addressing the wide array of physical challenges that sometimes accompany this incredible time of transformation.

Services Offered:

I offer private Physical Therapy and Yoga Therapy integrating a variety of manual therapy techniques and yoga-based movement and breathing practices to help you achieve greater ease in movement and in life. I specialize in treating pelvic floor dysfunctions and postpartum concerns in addition to more general musculoskeletal complaints for men and women.

In addition to private sessions, I also teach a Pelvic Floor Fitness courses through Homegrown Babies.

Asheville Holistic Physical Therapy

Ruth Elliot

Physical Therapist

Ruth Elliot earned a master’s degree in Physical Therapy from Western Carolina University and a Bachelor of Arts with double major in biology and music in South Carolina. She then attended massage therapy school and is currently a licensed massage and body worker holding an advanced certification in neuromuscular massage therapy. Ruth completed her graduate research thesis as part of a team researching urinary incontinence in collegiate female athletes. She later completed an internship with a leading researcher at one of the country’s top WHPT treatment facilities in Portland, Oregon.

In addition to advanced coursework in women’s health physical therapy (WHPT), she was certified in Holistic Pelvic Care™ in Portland Oregon. Ruth utilizes a holistic approach to WHPT improving the mind-body connection of her clients which helps manage pain, heal from pelvic trauma, improve physical alignment, and support emotional well-being. She utilizes techniques of Barral visceral mobilization to treat clients with abdominal, pelvic, and back pain associated with organ tension. Ruth is passionate about educating and empowering women from a holistic perspective.

Out of the clinic she enjoys singing, traveling, canning, remodeling her vintage Airstream camper, and hiking in the mountains of her native home.

Services Offered:
Ruth is a pregnancy and postpartum specialist, offering holistic pelvic care with special emphasis on women who have had trauma. She also specializes in body mechanics training and manual therapy techniques including positional release, myofascial release, osteopathic visceral manipulation and abdominal massage. Ruth’s signature class, Save Your Vagina, is offered monthly at Homegrown Families Health and Education center. This class is great to take prenatally, postpartum (wether you are months postpartum or years postpartum), and if you’ve never had a baby! Learn more and register online. 

Emily Rose Sullivan

Emily offers craniosacral therapy for the whole family including women during pregnancy and postpartum, as well as babies and children. Craniosacral therapy is educated, specific, noninvasive touch that supports your body’s innate ability to heal. Common reasons to seek craniosacral are stress relief, physical pain, headaches, insomnia, labor preparation, postpartum healing and more. The work benefits babies who are having trouble breastfeeding, experiencing colic or reflux symptoms. She also offers deeply relaxing and therapeutic massage sessions for women during pregnancy and postpartum, and is available for postpartum home-visits. Her work is personalized, nurturing and intuitive.

Mountain Sexology

Kelley Johnson, Ph.D.

Kelley has been teaching sex education since 1989. She has a M.Ed. in Public Health Education and Ph.D. in Human Sexuality. She is a fierce advocate for positive sex education and hosts a podcast, Sex Positive Nation. Kelley was the lead educator for the sex education program provided by the Buncombe County Health Department from 1993 to 1998. From 1995-2010 she taught Women’s Health and Health and Sexuality at UNCA. She has been in private practice since 2009.

Kelley teaches several classes at Homegrown Families Health and Education Center focused on developing healthy sexual relationships beginning at birth. Check back soon for classes happening in 2018.

Raising a Sex Positive Child in a Sex Negative Nation
Sexual You While Mommy Too
Knockin’ Boots While Knittin’ Booties

Meggan Hartman, PhD, L.E.

Nurturing Your Motherhood Identity

Meggan Hartman, PhD, L.E., currently works nationally as a Pediatric Sleep Consultant and conducts workshops and support groups for mothers. She earned her doctorate in Psychology from Meridian University and her Masters in Psychology from the Sophia Institute. Subsequent trainings and certifications she has received are Lactation Educator, Psychosynthesis, Dora Kalff Sand-Play Therapy, Postpartum International Support Certification, and a two year internship with Dr. Angelique Millette, PhD focusing on pediatric behavioral sleep issues and maternal well-being.

Infant Sleep Classes offered at Homegrown Families Health and Education Center

January 13; 10 – 11:30 a.m.
February 10; 10 – 11:30 a.m.
March 10; 10 – 11:30 a.m.

Toddler Sleep Classes offered at Homegrown Families Health and Education Center

February 10; 11:45 a.m. – 1:15 p.m.



Katherine Wilson Nutrition Counseling

Katherine Wilson, MSHN

Nutrition Consultant

Katherine Wilson is a nutrition consultant who uses a holistic approach to help people implement changes in order to achieve optimal wellness. Her focus is transitioning people to a whole food diet by utilizing person centered planning and experiential education in navigating the food system. Nutritional information is constantly evolving and Katherine’s passion is helping people understand biochemical individuality and the need to find nutrition that works for different seasons of life.

She specializes in the connection between the gut’s effect on physical and mental well being and the correlation between inflammation, food sensitivities, food allergies, and illness. Through implementing nutritional, wellness, and lifestyle changes, she knows that people can become active participants in changing the course of their individual health and the health of the community.

Katherine is experienced in consulting in the community, facilitating groups, teaching classes, and providing one-on-one health coaching. She works with individuals, couples, families, athletes, people who experience disordered eating, people who experience mental health challenges, and children.

Katherine holds a M.S. in Holistic Nutrition (MSHN) from Hawthorn University. She is also a certified Integrative Health Coach and certified Natural Chef. To contact Katherine email her at

Blossom N’ Roots

Chelsea Gomes, LMT


Chelsea brings comfort and nourishment to her doula and massage clients. With seventeen years of working in the health and wellness field, she has sincere dedication to cultivating her skills and deepening her understanding. Her studies have led her to obtain knowledge rich in herbal medicine, aromatherapy, yoga, flower essences, reiki, massage and the birthing journey.  As a body worker and holistic birth doula, Chelsea finds immense joy and fulfillment being able to work with expecting and postpartum woman and families. Her massage work gracefully weaves a myriad of bodywork modalities for a fully authentic, integrative experience. She comes to the table with a compassionate heart, rooted presence, sensitivity to subtle energetics, well-rounded knowledge, and intuitive wisdom. Meeting her clients where they are in their bodies, she supports the individual’s needs. It is an honor for her to assist in connection, relaxation and healing.

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