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At Homegrown Babies, we want to help new doulas succeed in all the ways that we can. Because of this, Homegrown Babies Doula Trainings include mentoring for new doulas during and after the trainings themselves. This personalized support can take many forms. Included in the cost of your training is 30 days of mentoring support after taking the training by phone, email, or an in­-person meeting for a combined total of 1 hour of support from a certified doula. This includes on­-call support during any births that the newly trained doula attends during that time, whether it’s 2am or 2pm.

Most doulas need or want mentoring beyond the 30 days after their training and below are other paid mentoring options offered by Homegrown Babies to support birth doulas in getting on their feet with an active doula practice.

Basic Distance or local Support: 24/7 on­call phone in person (if applicable) and email support for 2 months or a total of 2 additional hours after your doula training. This means I am here to discuss your business in person or over the phone or take your call at a birth whether it’s 2am or 2pm a Certified Doula is there for you for support.

Basic Local Support: Attend one birth with a certified doula in Homegrown Babies and have access to on­call support for an additional 30 days (for a total of 60 days after your training). This birth could be an on call birth with no prenatal or interview or a private client mentorship where the trained doula will accompany the certified doula to prenatals the birth and the postpartum home visit.

Deluxe Support: Same as above plus have your name, photo, bio and contact info listed on the Homegrown Babies Trained Doulas web page for 6 months after your training. This option gives you the opportunity to be marketed and paid fairly ($500) for your services. You will also receive 6 months of as­needed mentoring and certification packet support over phone, and email with a Homegrown Babies certified doula. See below for more details about the Trained Doula Program or on call mentoring through Homegrown Babies.

There are several ways that in­person mentoring can work within Homegrown, with the ultimate goal being a new doula is able to attend/shadow a birth with a Homegrown Babies certified doula. Below are 2 ways in which this mentoring can occur:

  1. Homegrown Babies On Call Doula Program
    In this program, a certified doula in Homegrown is on call for emergency services for anyone who has taken one of our education classes. This program has been set in place to support patients feeling safe and strong if they decided to not hire a doula for their birth, but have found themselves needing the extra professional support. The call is a 24 hour shift from 8am to 8am and the certified doula on call will contact you if and and when she gets called to a birth. If you are able to attend you will be expected to arrive at the hospital within 1 hour of receiving the call.
  2. HGB Private Birth Client Mentorship
    In this relationship, a HGB certified Doula has a private client who is open to having a mentoring doula along with their hired doula attend their prenatals and the birth. This is a fantastic opportunity for a new doula to gain experience in what comprehensive doula care looks like. It is also a great way for someone who has never witnessed a birth before to have that experience with the support of a certified doula.

Homegrown Babies Trained Doula Web Page Program Homegrown Babies has a page on our website for our local newly trained doulas mentored doulas. On this page you will be able to have a bio, picture, contact info and list your services. HGB is in the top three hits when you google “doula Asheville,” so being on our website will give you a good deal of exposure. We will also make direct referrals to you when it is appropriate. We will take care of all of the financial aspects and you will be a subcontractor under Homegrown Babies during your time in this program.

However, we want you to gain experience in all aspects of the Doula business. Clients will contact you personally, so you will take care of setting up interviews, prenatal visits, contracts, collecting money and the birth. We will also be there to back you over the phone if you need any support during the prenatal time, labor or postpartum.

For more questions, information about fees for this mentoring program, contact Chama Woydak below.

Chama Woydak


Chama is a fun-loving, energetic and compassionate mom who has been attending births as a Doula in Asheville since 1999 and teaching childbirth classes in since 2002. Chama is a Lamaze Childbirth Educator as well as a DONA International Birth Doula and a Birth Doula Trainer.  Her evidence-based Birth with Courage Lamaze Childbirth Classes support families in cultivating the courage it takes to be an active participant in giving birth and becoming a parent.

As a doula, Chama has a vast and experienced professional skill-set that includes excellent communication skills with families, doctors, midwives and nursing staff.  She is amazing at suggestions for labor progress, non-pharmacological labor pain coping techniques including hypnosis for birth, mental strategies, breathing strategies, massage, positioning, homeopathy and aromatherapy.

She also offers labor and immediate postpartum photography, and initial breastfeeding support. Chama has been supporting and inspiring women and families for over 15 years to find what they need to feel safe and strong from pregnancy into parenthood.

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