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Baby and Me Yoga

“Baby and Me” Yoga is a time for mamas, papas, caregivers and babies up to one year old to stretch and connect to themselves, their baby and others in the community. A “serve your needs” class, I am there to listen, guide and help families in this time have an opportunity for self care and find their bodies through movement and breathe allowing flexibility to stop, rest, breastfeed, bottle feed or talk.

Facilitated by: Roxy Robbins

The classes are sliding scale $8-10.

Offered every Friday 3-4 p.m.

Bio: Roxy Robbins completed her 230 hour Yoga Teacher training in the fall of 2011 at Asheville Yoga Center. Since that time she has continued to deepen her own practice and have the opportunity to teach a variation of classes including kids yoga, flow yoga and volunteering to teach in several different capacities. She found her ground in growing and teaching prenatal/postpartum yoga. As a doula and nanny she feels intensely connected to that space and time in life and loves what yoga can bring to the table. It’s a time to breathe, go slow, nourish and allow flexibility in practice…helping mama’s, papa’s, caregivers and babies listen to themselves and their bodies and allow yoga to provide a little dab of “inner peace” to carry on their days.

Sleep Classes with Dr. Meggan Hartman

Baby Sleep Class

Toddler Sleep Class

Becoming a mother is a joyous occasion. However, it can also be an event that leads to feelings of confusion, being overwhelmed and fighting constant fatigue.

Dr. Meggan Hartman is a parent educator, infant/child sleep consultant and lactation specialist who helps parents solve infant and child sleep problems using a wide-range of sleep methods and arrangements.

Meggan does not follow one specific sleep program but rather helps families by taking into account family schedule, infant/child development, temperament and parenting philosophy, all while keeping an eye on sleep deprivation, parental well-being, depression and anxiety.

Meggan offers two sleep classes at Homegrown Families Health and Education Center – one for parents of babies birth to 12 months old and one for parents of toddlers 12 months to 4 years old. Click below to learn more about the classes and register online.

Meggan Hartman, PhD, L.E., currently works nationally as a Pediatric Sleep Consultant and conducts workshops and support groups for mothers. She earned her doctorate in Psychology from Meridian University and her Masters in Psychology from the Sophia Institute. Subsequent trainings and certifications she has received are Lactation Educator, Psychosynthesis, Dora Kalff Sand-Play Therapy, Postpartum International Support Certification, and a two year internship with Dr. Angelique Millette, PhD focusing on pediatric behavioral sleep issues and maternal well-being.

Questions? Contact Dr. Hartman at

Sex Classes with Kelley Johnson, Ph.D.

Healthy sexuality is about seeing all people as sexual human beings. Healthy sexuality includes pleasure. In a sex-negative society, pleasure is seen as morally wrong, hedonistic, and sinful. In a sex-positive society we would have a War on Rape, not a War on Women. In a sex-positive society, people are sexually educated from birth until death. In a sex-positive culture, we would provide age-appropriate comprehensive sex education.

Join Kelley Johnson, Ph.D. for a variety of sex-positive classes for you and your family.

Raising a Sex-Positive Child in a Sex-Negative Nation
Raising a Sex-Positive Child in a Sex-Negative Nation is a class for parents; ideally parents of very young children. Raising a sexually healthy child takes forethought. The earlier parents think about ways to develop a strong foundation for children, the better. Raising a sex-positive child takes years to foster, this is not a conversation that happens once or twice between parent and child. It is an open, nonjudgmental, communicative relationship that is cultivated over time. This class will equip parents with the information and motivation to start educating their young child. It will help parents understand all that sexuality includes (from body image to reproduction to boundary setting to honoring “no”), think about the values they want to share with their children, and learn concrete ways to promote healthy sexual development.

Sexual You While “Mommy” Too
Have you had a “WTF” moment and ready to take control? Are you looking to overcome the disconnected feeling that can happen after childbirth? Are you a woman who wants to raise sexually empowered kids? Are you a woman who wants to make the world a more sex-positive place?

Join Kelley Johnson, Ph.D. for this 4-week class series to find your balance and engage your sexually empowered self!

Throughout this 4-week series you will participate in confidential, small-group discussions where you can speak as freely as you’d like and as you feel comfortable.
~Engage your mind in multiple ways such as journaling, reading, and discussion.
~Learn tips and perspectives on how to empower kids in a wold full of negative messages.
~Enjoy a powerful, positive community where women lift each other up and share struggles, celebrations, and laughs!

Knockin’ Boots While Knitting Booties REGISTER ONLINE
Bodies change, things get real in a hurry and EVERYONE’S got an option….Staying intimate during pregnancy can be a challenge for some couples. This class will dispel the many myths surrounding pregnancy and sex, explain how the role of sex in your relationship may change, and how you and your partner can keep feeling healthy and supported. Additionally we will discuss sexual arousal in women and the changes during pregnancy, sex positions that may better accommodate your growing belly, and options for intimacy if intercourse doesn’t work for you or if your doctor recommends “no sex.”

This class is open to pregnant people, straight couples, same-sex couples, gender non-conforming couples, and folks who are planning to get pregnant and want to study ahead 😉

These classes are taught by Kelley Johnson, Ph.D. Kelley has been teaching sex education since 1989. She has a M.Ed. in Public Health Education and Ph.D. in Human Sexuality. She is a fierce advocate for positive sex education and hosts a podcast, Sex PositiveNation. Kelley was the lead educator for the sex education program provided by the Buncombe County Health Department from 1993 to 1998. From 1995-2010 she taught Women’s Health and Health and Sexuality at UNCA. She has been in private practice since 2009. To reach Kelley email her at

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