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Welcome Little Baby Sibling Class

Welcoming another new addition to your family? Is your older child excited about becoming a big sibling but not sure what their new title really means? This class is for kids! Register now for this awesome Sibling Class.

The Sibling Class is designed for children ages 2 and older. Each class we sit together and learn the basics about newborns – what they are wearing when they are born, how babies communicate, and what babies need (diapers, clothes, blankets, love). We talk about the process of labor and birth in G-rated fashion – where moms and dads go to have a baby or what it will be like to have a baby at home, how the baby gets out of mom, what are those funny sounds mom is making, and that mom is OK.

Children are encouraged to bring a baby doll or baby-sized stuffed animal to class so they can diaper, clothe, swaddle, and hold the baby. They will learn the important ways they can help when the new baby comes home and learn how to “play” with their little sibling and show the baby love.

Each class includes time to read a book, watch a birth story, and do a craft and ebbs and flows to hold the attention of the various ages in the group.

Although this class is primarily focused on the children, parents will learn tips about integrating the new baby to the mix, including ways to welcome the new baby, how siblings can help with the day-to-day tasks a newborn requires, transitioning to a family of four or more, and how to prepare children for the birth of their new brother or sister. The class will also have resources on what to expect, the changing family dynamics, challenges with older children such as toilet training and sleep.

The children will create a onesie for the new baby and create a big brother/sister tee shirt for themselves. They will also receive “I’m the Big Brother/Sister” certificate upon completing the class.

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