Childbirth Classes

Positive Sex and Intimacy Support: from Pregnancy into Parenthood

Healthy sexuality is about seeing all people as sexual human beings. Healthy sexuality includes pleasure. In a sex-negative society, pleasure is seen as morally wrong, hedonistic, and sinful. In a sex-positive society we would have a War on Rape, not a War on Women. In a sex-positive society, people are sexually educated from birth until death. In a sex-positive culture, we would provide age-appropriate comprehensive sex education.

Join Kelley Johnson, PH.D. CLINICAL SEXOLOGIST for a variety of sex-positive classes for you and your family.


Knockin’ Boots While Knitting Booties

Bodies change, things get real in a hurry and EVERYONE’s got an opinion… We will discuss:

  • The many myths surrounding pregnancy and sex 
  • How the role of sex in your relationship may change, and how you and your partner can keep feeling healthy and supported
  • Sexual arousal in women and the changes pregnancy can bring
  • Sex positions that may better accommodate your growing belly
  • Your options if intercourse doesn’t work for you or if the doctor recommends “no sex”
  • What to expect from your post-partum body when it’s time to have sex again

Who is the class designed for?

  • Pregnant people
  • Straight couples
  • Same-sex couples
  • Gender non-conforming couples
  • Folks planning to get pregnant who want to study ahead

Sexual You While “Mommy” Too

A Class for Women. Find your balance and engage your sexually empowered self.

This class is for:

  • Women who have had a “WTF?” moment and are ready to take control.
  •  Women looking to overcome the disconnected feeling that can happen after childbirth.
  • Women who want to raise sexually empowered kids.
  • Women who want to make the world a more sex positive place.

What we will discuss:

  • Four weekly, confidential, small-group discussions where you can speak as freely as you’d like
  • Multiple ways to engage your mind, including journal writing, discussions, and reading
  • Tips and perspectives on how to empower kids in a world full of negative messages
  • A powerful, positive community where women lift each other up and share struggles, celebrations, and laughs

Raising A Sex-Positive Child in a Sex-Negative Nation: A Class for Parents

We all want our children to grow up to be healthy. Healthy and positive sexuality is an important component of overall health and well-being.

When we think about talking to children about sex and sexuality, many think about puberty talks, and about teaching children to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy and disease. What we should be talking about is fostering a healthy attitude around self image, self esteem, and humanity. We also want to teach our children about respect, empathy, love, family, and diversity. Helping our child develop into a sexually healthy adult requires us to have an open door, a non-judgmental attitude, and a lifetime of conversation. And it starts at birth.

Kelley Johnson, PhD

Kelley has been teaching sex education since 1989. She has a M.Ed. in Public Health Education and Ph.D. in Human Sexuality. She is a fierce advocate for positive sex education and hosts a podcast, Sex Positive Nation. Kelley was the lead educator for the sex education program provided by the Buncombe County Health Department from 1993 to 1998. From 1995-2010 she taught Women’s Health and Health and Sexuality at UNCA. She has been in private practice since 2009.

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