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At Homegrown Babies we do not have an opinion or judgement on how you are planning to give birth or parent your child. All of our classes are inclusive and everyone is welcome no matter ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status, gender, exceptionalities, language, religion, sexual orientation. Through this diversity, we drive connection.  

Our superior classes are designed to meet the learning needs of adults and are full of interactive learning and connection activities, videos, indepth and detailed information that you won’t find anywhere else!  

Early Pregnancy Childbirth Class

This free two and a half hour childbirth education class is designed for pregnant women and partners to take anywhere between 12 and 28 weeks.

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Birth with Courage Childbirth Education Class

This evidenced based 6 week childbirth education class series will support you in cultivating the courage to approach your upcoming birth with confidence.

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Birth Center 6-week Childbirth Class

Whether you’re a first-time or experienced parent, alone or with a partner you will enrich your knowledge not only of childbirth but of your relationships: to your baby, your partner, your midwives and most importantly, yourself!

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Boot Camp Class

Join us for an all day class to prepare for the birth of your baby!

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Refresher Class

This one time, three hour refresher childbirth class is for women who have given birth within the last five years.

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Babymoon: Preparing for Baby & Postpartum

Designed to help you navigate the postpartum, this is 4.5 hour class is taken prenatally, ideally between 30-35 weeks. We will cover Postpartum Planning & Support; Changing Identity, Roles & Relationships; Breastfeeding; Infant Needs, Cues & Soothing Techniques; Sleep Scenarios; and more!

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Welcome Little Baby Sibling Class

A Class for Kids! Sibling Class teaches “big siblings” all about their new role.

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Breastfeeding Class

This three-hour class will cover essential breastfeeding information to establish a solid foundation for success.

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Crash Course Comfort Measures

Join us for this 1 1/2 hour class to give mom’s tools to feel safe and strong during her labor and help her relax down into the sensations she will feel rather than fight them. This is a Homegrown Babies community offering that is offered at no charge!

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Private Classes & Consultation

Although group classes are HIGHLY recommended for the social dynamics, community-building, and more in­depth information, sometimes families can’t work it into their schedules or have different needs.
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Class Bundles

Birth with Courage + Baby Moon Classes

(class bundle)

This includes 6 weeks of Birth with Courage Childbirth Education and our 4.5 hour Baby Moon Breastfeeding/Baby Care Class.

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Sibling + Refresher Classes

(class bundle)

Sibling class and the Refresher class

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